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Special Limited Edition Collectors Series

Edition size is limited to 750 signed and numbered prints and 75 artist proofs. A Certificate of Authenticity guarantees that this is a one time limited edition and will not be available ever again when it has been sold out. Print image measures 15 1/2 x 22 inches. Frame size is 22 x 28.

Jack Schmitt watercolors are reproduced perfectly on 100% rag archival paper. The art prints do not have the "time-pass.com" or stock number on them as do the sample versions in our catalog.

ap_mobilgas1940_a.jpg Mobilgas, 1940 art print
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ap_truckstop_a.jpg Truckstop art print
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ap_onestopshop_a.jpg One Stop Shopping art print
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ap_speedpowerunionoil_a.jpg Speed & Power, Union Oil art print
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ap_phillips66_a.jpg Phillips 66 art print
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ap_chevronsupreme_a.jpg Chevron Supreme art print
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