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Decals, TP to White Rose

These pressure sensitive decals are made of the highest quality vinyl material, They will adhere to vintage gas pumps, oil / lube dispensers, auto or truck doors, storage tanks, windows and many other surfaces. All decal logos are silk screened, accurately reproducing original colors. To insure proper placement, we recommend that the surface be clean and that decals be applied with warm soapy water and a straight edge.

Click on thumbnail images for more detailed image. Actual decals are very sharp, high quality. Please don't judge our quality by the low resolution images used here.

d_tp_a.jpg TP Products 12" decal
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d_union_a.jpg Union Gasoline 12" decal
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Union 76 12" decal
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d_whitecrown_a.jpg White Crown 12" decal
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d_whiteeagle_a.jpg White Eagle 12" decal
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White Rose Boy decal
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White Rose Boy 6" decal
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d_whiterose_a.jpg White Rose Flower 12" decal
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