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scu_goodold_a.jpg Garman sculpture "Good Old Days"
Scupture by Michael Garman
17.5" x 9.25" x 16.25"
Gas pump comes with "Gas" logo. The globe and name on the shirt can be customized.
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tsm_mug-metro.jpg Diner Mug, Metro Gas Gargoyle
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tsm_mug-horse.jpg Diner Mug, Mobilgas
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tsm_mug-stripes.jpg Diner Mug, Mobilgas (stripes)
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tsm_mug-socony.jpg Diner Mug, Socony
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tsm_mugislandrack.gif Island Rack Mug Caddy, Mobil
Rack, Mobiloil signs and 4 Mobilgas mugs included
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tsm_wirerack.gif Mobil Wire Rack, 4 Coasters
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