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Larger Signs, Gas T- Z

These new signs are made of heavy 18 gauge steel, screen painted with Nazdar enamel and baked at 180 degrees. Each round sign is 25.5" in diameter and has six 1/8" mounting holes. Oval signs are 16.5" x 24" Rectangular signs are 25.5" long. Odd shapes are 25.5" Flange signs are 13.5" x 18.5" with a 1.5" flange
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ss_83_a.gif Large 24" oval sign United Motors Service
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ss_44_a.jpg Large 25.5" sign Veltex Fletcher Oil
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ss_24_a.gif Large 25.5" sign White Eagle
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ss_25_a.gif Large 25.5" sign White Rose boy
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ss_34_a.gif Large 25.5" sign Wings Gasoline
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