Neon Sign, Corvette, black


These high quality neon signs are styled after the deco type signs that hung over the garage service bays in the 1930's and 40's. The body is made using a Pittsburgh seam similar to the way the old time tinsmiths made advertising "boxes" or cans. We use PPG's Concept, one of the finest automotive finishes available, as well as state of the art transformers. These neon signs are weather resistant and can be displayed indoors or out, and weigh only 20-22 lbs. These signs are handcrafted using only American made, UL listed components. Width is 34", height 20-24" and depth approximately 8". These neon signs are licensed with General Motors. We can do custom signs using different automobile and oil company logos. Please inquire. Shipping includes special packing, shipping and insurance
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