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Gas Pump Globes

Gas pump globes

We offer a full line of newly manufactured gas pump globes with oil company, automotive, beverage and other vintage logos. They are available in plastic frames, milkglass frames, metal frames and special one piece glass globes. We are proud of the quality of the materals and workmanship of these globes. Our licensing agreements assure you of legally approved classic reproductions.
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ga_sconce1_a.jpg Aluminum Wall Sconce for Globes
[Order]  [Checkout]

g_clear.jpg Globe, Clear Glass 13.5"
[Order]  [Checkout]

g_frosted.jpg Globe, Frosted Glass 13.5"
Globe, Frosted Glass 13.5" $85.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Lens only, clear or frosted 13.5" no logo $45.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

g_clear.jpg Globe, Clear Glass 15"
Globe, Clear Glass 15" $215.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Lens only, clear or frosted 15" no logo $45.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

g_frosted.jpg Globe, Frosted Glass 15"
Globe, Frosted Glass 15" $179.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Lens only, clear or frosted 15" no logo $45.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

ga_ringpolalum_a.jpg Globe Ring, Polished Aluminum 6"
[Order]  [Checkout]

ga_ringsteel_a.jpg Globe ring, steel 6"
[Order]  [Checkout]

ga_basecolor_a.jpg Globe Lamp Base, Powder Coat Color
Lamp also available with a polished aluminum ring and walnut/oak base (not pictured)
Globe Lamp Base, Powder Coat Color $95.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Globe Lamp Rotator, Powder Coat Color $495.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

Globe Lamp Base, Walnut/Oak Polished Aluminum
Fully wired with switch to display your globes the way they were meant to be displayed.
[Order]  [Checkout]

Be sure to ask about our mounting rings for gas pumps, wall sconce brackets and lighted shelf bases for displaying your globes.

Many of the designs featured on the globes we offer are also available on decals, signs, T-shirts and sweatshirts. Contact us about the current availability of your choice.

Our "Service with a Smile" policy assures you of complete satisfaction with a hassle free return and replacement service.


If you have questions or comments, you can contact us toll free at 800-383-8888 or e-mail us at timepass@netins.net. We appreciate your patronage.

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