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Quality reproduction gas pump globes - CAPCO frames
Click on image for more info and a larger image
To upgrade one of these globes to a metal, milkglass narrow or wide globe frame from standard CAPCO, order 2 of the lenses and visit the Globe Frames page to pick out the globe body style you want.
g_buick2.jpg Globe, Buick Service
Globe, Buick Service $95.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Buick Service single globe lens $40.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

g_whizzer2.jpg Globe, Whizzer Sales Service
Globe, Whizzer Sales Service $95.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Whizzer Sales Service single globe lens $40.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

g_pontiac2.jpg Globe, Pontiac Service
Globe, Pontiac Service $95.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Pontiac Service single globe lens $40.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

g_packard2.jpg Globe, Packard Sales Service
Globe, Packard Sales Service $95.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Packard Sales Service single globe lens $40.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

g_indianmc2.jpg Globe, Indian Motorcycles
Globe, Indian Motorcycles $95.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Indian Motorcycles single globe lens $40.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

g_corvette2.jpg Globe, Chevrolet Corvette
Globe, Chevrolet Corvette $95.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Chevrolet Corvette single globe lens $40.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

g_cadillac2.jpg Globe, Cadillac Service
Globe, Cadillac Service $95.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Cadillac Service single globe lens $40.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

g_chevy_a.jpg Globe, Chevrolet Service
Globe, Chevrolet Service $95.00 [Order]  [Checkout]
Chevrolet Service single globe lens $40.00 [Order]  [Checkout]

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These newly manufactured globes measure 16" in diameter, with a 6" base, designed to fit all standard vintage gasoline pumps. Included are two 13 1/2" diameter convex glass lenses that fit in the original style Cincinnati Advertising Products Company (CAPCO) plastic frame, patented in 1933. The lenses can also be used in a milk glass frame or metal frame for an additional charge. See the top of this page.


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